Metal Bar Gratings
Available Composite Grille Cover Belarus Available

Available Composite Grille Cover Belarus Available

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Welded metal bar grating diagram

Bar Grating Brief Introduction

Metal bar gratings have many advantages over solid metal plates such as high strength-to-weight ratio, recyclability and durability and versatility.

Steel grating used as drainage cover

Steel Grating

Steel bar grating made of ASTM A-1011 mild steel is extensively used as flooring, walkways, platforms and ventilation grates for its recyclability and easy installation.

Balcony covered by aluminum close mesh grating for good ventilation

Aluminum Grating

Aluminum grating has ideal corrosion resistance and best weight-to-strength ratio. It is widely used in harsh environments like industrial plants and offshore.

Welded stainless steel bar grating with 11/16inch spacing

Stainless Steel Grating

Stainless steel gratings are ideal for highly corrosive applications and places including offshore purposes, food processing industries and brewery factories.

Welded grating with plain surface

Welded Steel Grating

Welded steel grating is an economical option for walkways, platforms and drainage covers. Designed with standard and special bearing bar spacing for special orders.

Riveted bar grating ideal for heavy load applications

Riveted Grating

Riveted grating has superiority to load carrying capacity, strength, durability and resistances to impact and fatigue. Available in various spaces.